Are your mornings cray? Does the idea of sitting in one place and quieting down your mind and  household enough to focus feel impossible? This is for you!

Each of these potent 6  tracks is around 10 minutes. It’s interactive and allows you to do it while multitasking. Get ready to change your frequency for the better:

Track List:
1. Introduction

2.  I am Renewed and Energized

3.I am Aware of the Beauty All Around Me

4.I Accept Myself Unconditionally

5. I am Safe and Secure

6.I Invite Divine Love

7.  I Honor My Inner VoicE


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Meditation is an excellent foundation for any spiritual practice PLUS it can stand alone.

If you've been wanting to meditate more this year, my 30-day meditation challenge is a great place to start.

30 custom audios and it's perfect for beginners and those that want to reconnect.

Your next 30 days will be filled with mindfulness, chakra healing, and more!