Here, is where you get to really connect with me and learn more about me in my everyday living. Get an inside look into what it means to meditate, do rituals, and just overall be me!

It’ll probably get intimate and fiery in here as well with some real talk around sensuality and tapping into your inner Goddess!

So join me on this journey!

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episode 1

JANUARY 23, 2019

So I'm going in a different direction because my life is different, I also like to share thoughts and ideas vs card readings (which I still do but generally it comes with coaching with me).


episode 2

FEBRUARY 5, 2019

How the teachings around Masculinity & Femininity almost ruined our Marriage. I got my amazing husband Jeremy Jones to do a live video with me! Get in on this as we explore spiritual concepts and marriage.


episode 3

FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Growth though owning your own sh*t? Who knew? Tune in to see what I’ve been up to and what’s been going on in my world. Everything from marriage, to anti-depressants, and so much more. I’ll share the growth that came from the journey.