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Experience a soul-shifting 30 minutes with me as we deep dive and get you the answers to your burning questions.

I’m an oracle, tarot reader, healer, medium, life coach, mentor, and more….

That means I bring all of my gifts tot eh table to bring your heart clarity and to assist you in planning what’s next for you in your life.

Get ready to unearth truths and to get real.

Simply bring your questions and be ready to receive as I tap into the Divine and Mass Consciousness.

During this reading, I will also give you messages channeled from your:

  • Guides

  • Ancestors

  • Angels

  • Source

  • Deities

  • And past self.

This is a 45-minute live reading. This session will not be recorded. However, you can take notes.  This session is to help you unearth what’s holding you back from fulfilling your highest purpose and living your best life.

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

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2. You will receive an email with how to access our call.

3. During that time and date we will have our session!

Have questions? Email me.

Cost: $199

I only take 3-5 reading clients a month, so book today.

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