The kaya archetype



Name Meaning:  Wealth

Name Origins:  Indonesian

Those with the Kaya archetype are all about their money! If it doesn't make dollars then it doesn't make sense. They are business savvy and great with money. 


 Kaya archetypes will always find a way to have funds,  be it through a job, entrepreneurship, or hustling. 

One thing you will never call them is "broke". 

Some of them may live seemingly lavish lives but they are careful with money. They will always seek out a deal and many of them prefer DIY projects because they want to get the biggest bang for their buck. 


 Hire someone to paint their home?

 Absolutely not!

 They will go to the store, buy high-quality paint at the best price and do it themselves. 

Kaya archetypes are dependable and great people to have in your corner. Their logical thinking keeps their friends, family, and partners leveled and secure. 

If you ever need a way to come up with money talk to someone who is dominant in this archetype and they will have a full plan for you.  

In their personal lives, they tend to be surrounded by people who don't appreciate them. Since Kaya archetypes are so decisive, they will stick with their circle of friends or with a partner even if these people don't have the best intentions. Kaya archetypes pride themselves on their intellect so they believe they can handle it since they see through these people. However, they deprive themselves of the reciprocal relationships they deserve. 

Emerging:  A person with an emerging Kaya archetype will start to take more of an interest in their finances and their financial future. They are concerned with their credit scores, they will begin to budget, and they look for ways to make and save more money. They also become concerned with expansion and/or upward mobility in their field of work. 

Light:  People operating in the light version of this archetype take great care of their finances. While their work is a big part of their lives, they don't forget to have a social life as well. 

Shadow: People operating in the shadow version of this archetype can be overly rigid with their money. They seldom allow themselves indulgences. They also tend to let their logic rule their lives and when that's not paired with emotional intelligence it will ruin their lives.

The Kaya Mixtape will help you balance this energy within yourself. 

If you don’t hold Kaya energy dominantly, you can use her mixtape to invoke her energy. 

All of my Archetypes visually are inspired by amazing women I know.

Find out more about Kaya’s visual inspiration; Shakisha Reynolds of The Woo Collective!

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