The Flyy Girl  Archetypes were created out of Je Tuan Jones' intense need to have spiritual content tailored to who she is. She is a black girl who grew up on the West Side of Chicago. As a proud 90's kid the culture grew up with is ingrained in her DNA. The music, books, and movies healed her far before she knew what meditation was. Navigating the spiritual space has often made her feel like a nomad without a home.  This created a yearning to take what she's learned and practiced spiritually and incorporate it into an African-American centered experience.  

Each category has been given a "black girl" name because we are fucking amazing.   Each name and collection has been infused with archetypal energy by Je Tuan. Our names are beautiful even though the world has tried to make a mockery of them. We're a beautifully unique people who are still connected to who we are and we created a culture unique to us even when people have tried to destroy us.