Divine Spark, it’s time to remember.

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Chances are you still have more questions, so I’m giving answers.


 What is Divine Spark Activation?

Divine Spark Activation is a healing modality channeled and created by Je Tuan Jones. She was gifted with the knowledge of how we are all Sparks of Divine Consciousness and then was taught how to utilize that knowledge to spark a remembrance so that the Divine Sparks upon this earth can walk in freedom and knowing.

The primary cause of suffering is forgetfulness.

The activation is created to connect you with your higher self and to receive everything you need to fulfill your soul contracts here on earth. This is an extensive modality that’s built around Primordial Archetypal Energy, Gene Keys, and more.

But the bottom line is that I create space for your healing and for the connection and downloads you need to walk this earth as a fully awakened Divine Spark.

Why do you pair this with past life work?

I firmly believe that diving into a past life that’s relevant to your current one can assist you in getting to the core of why you’re experiencing life the way you are today. Going into your soul’s records is a powerful way of creating the future you want by getting the answers we need to make this work more potent.

What do you do when you’re giving the activation?

Sooo, it’s A LOT.
I go through a series of extensive steps that’s part structure and part intuition/channeled and this includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Going into your soul’s records using my clair gifts and tarot to pull the lifetime that’s relevant to now.

  • Clearing old oaths, vows, and contracts from all timelines that are terrorizing you and killing your vibe

  • Instilling the Divine Spark Activation Attunement (you will also do this before your alignment). This opens you to be able to receive this work.

  • The Integrated Goddess Alignment

  • The Remember Alignment

  • The Sovereign Alignment

  • The Activation of your personal Activation Sequence Gene Keys.

  • Your Astrological Voice Activation


What do I do when you’re giving the activation?

The only thing I ask of you is to be open to the healing. Other than that, you can work, tend to your family, take a nap, do yoga, or twerk to trap music. Since the activation takes place without your participation, you have the freedom to go on about your day.

So I don’t have to do anything?

Yes, you do! There are a series of simple steps you will be given that you’re to do 24 hours before your activation.

After I do your activation, you will be sent the audio files of your session and you’re required to get through these at least once within 3-5 business days. This work pairs pure source energy with some hypnosis elements to get to your core.

Is this work permanent?

Yes it’s 100% permanent. While you can continue your journey with me after this first time...everything we activate during our time together will remain that way.

Can I take this work further?

You absolutely can. You will receive a typed PDF report from me on how to continue the work we’ve done while we’re together.

This is also the first step of several and you’re invited to return for another month as we take things to the next level.

Will you support me?

Absolutely! You’ll be working with me for 1 month. You can expect to be supported by me via a private Facebook Group.

What should I expect during the process?

After paying in full, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a calendar link to schedule your activation. You will also receive the integration pre-work that should be done 24 hours before your scheduled activation.  Don’t worry, you can do these things within 20-30 minutes.

Your activation will be done during the day and time of your activation. You will receive an update about how it went within 24 hours as well as the audio files.

You are expected to sit with this material for 3-5 days.

After two weeks of your first set of activations, we will do the second half during the 3rd week following the same process.

You will receive your Divine Spark PDF Report during our fourth week. This will include how you can further the work we’ve done.

Am I ready for this?
Only you can decide this!

But here is also a good way to decide:

  • Are you ready to stop being paralyzed with fear every time you have to make a decision?

  • Do you know you want to step into your Warrior Goddess Energy and still operate in love.

  • Do you want to know at a cellular level who tf you are?

  • You feel the need to take your healing journey a step further and dive into energy work that will shift your life forever?

  • Want to learn new things about yourself, read, and be active in your own healing?

  • Do you want to be Sovereign in your life?

Then YES you’re my people and you would be a great fit for this modality.

If you’re not ready for a massive shift that requires your participation, then no, this possibly isn't for you at this time.

Can I have a payment plan?

Absolutely, you can do 4  biweekly payments of $125. The work will not begin until your payment plan is complete.


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