Don’t Touch Those Damn Cards: Tarot Card Myths Unveiled


Did your mama ever tell you not to touch those damn cards? You know the cards that the lady used on the late night infomercial, where she could tell you your future for $14.99 a minute. I’m sure you remember those commercials. Well, Miss Cleo has transcended, but Goddess Je Tuan is here to bust some myths concerning tarot cards. Tarot cards are a big part of the mysticism community, and we love our damn cards. So, here are some things you might have heard about tarot cards and the truth behind what you’ve heard.

You heard: Tarot cards are from the devil and they are used for evil.

Truth: Here’s the bottom line…the cards are just pieces of paper. It’s the practitioner that matters. Knives aren’t evil, it’s about what you do with them. You can either create a delicious salad with one or carve people up like Jason the guy from that movie. Cards can facilitate healing or open our minds new possibilities. Practitioners choose to read cards for good or evil. The cards don’t have a damn thing to do with it.

You heard: Tarot cards are voodoo.

Truth: The earliest known tarot deck wasn’t designed for mysticism. They were 15th-century playing cards. Now to clarify, Voodoo is an ancient West Indies practice originating from the term, voudon. Tarot cards are not solely limited to use in the practice mentioned above. Tarot cards started being used for divination and cartomancy purposes in the mid 18th century—-way after the inception of voodoo.

You heard: The cards have hidden messages in them and you’re playing with fate if you read them (or have them read for you).

TruthSome people believe the cards have some mystical power, but actually, the cards show representations of archetypes, which then have to be interpreted by the practitioner. The practitioner adds his or her own spiritual gift of discernment or clairvoyance to the archetype on the card.

You heard: You have to be a psychic to read tarot cards.

Truth: Ummmmm, you don’t have to have the ability to sense what will happen in the future to read tarot cards. You really only have to know what the archetypes are and what’s happening in the world around you to read a card. Psychics are individuals who sense the future and predict what will happen. In some arenas they may use the term prophet. Some psychics use tarot cards, but there’s not a psychic license you have to have to buy a deck.

You heard: Tarot cards are full of lies.

Truth: The lie detector determined that was a lie. Tarot cards are tools used to bring our subconscious thoughts to the surface. Are the cards always right? Yes. Why? The themes and archetypes help us think about parts of our lives that we had forgotten about over time. The cards help us make connections that would not have been previously made.

You heard: There’s no reason to do them because they don’t help you.

Truth: They do help you. They help you channel your energy towards improving areas of your life that were laying dormant before you read the cards. Collective consciousness makes them even MORE powerful. What does this mean?  The amount of energy that’s placed on this form of divination is what gives it so much power. Where attention goes…spirit flows.


So, you don’t have to be afraid of tarot cards, sis. Really you don’t. The cards will only help you think broader and live deeper. You don’t have to worry about evil coming to you because you get a reading or you touch a card. It’s all “fake news”. LOL. I’m hopeful that this information helps you understand tarot cards and the mysticism community better.