Will the Real Goddess Please Stand Up?


I met this lady a few days ago, and she was interested in what I do. You know the mystic nerd stuff that I do. I talked to her for a while. I realized she was actually asking “how did I get to where I am now?” And, this is what I realized after pondering on her inquisitive inquiries: we all have a goddess within us, yet many of us aren’t sure how to unleash her.

So, I contemplated on when I FIRST allowed the REAL GODDESS in me to stand up. I remember when I stopped giving a FK….

I was newly married and at my wits end. The marriage thing wasn’t going the way that I thought. I mean, marriage makes everything better, right? (Please forgive my naivety). I was still hurting and everything felt amplified. I was in a deep depression and I didn’t know how to get myself out of the black hole. Well, I started with a business coach and she told me that I should start telling my story. I almost died because there was no way I was going to tell the world about my past. Obviously, that was a lie because before I knew it, I told the world via a video that I not only dealt with depression and anxiety but that I also did sex work.

My entire world BLEW UP after that admission. I thought I was going to have to get a divorce, my family made all kinds of comments, and I wanted to hide under a rock from shame. Then, something miraculous happened…women started reaching out to me and telling me their stories. My video was used in curriculum for counselors and my brand was birthed. After I saw what that temporary discomfort did for other women, I was determined to never let anyone else silence me ever again. I stopped giving AF. (I’m also still married, that fear that I held wasn’t real). I got to express who I was and that sent me on a journey of further self-discovery.

The goddess in you can’t be denied, but it can be doubted. Now, let me say this, doubting your REAL inner goddess will keep you from reaching your destiny and FULL POWER. Many women have suppressed their goddess power because male deities have been at the forefront of our society. You know—-God is presented as a male. Zeus is presented as a male. We have male deities commanding our spaces all the time. This can sometimes make us want to hide our goddess identity. Yet, our power is unlocked when we decide to stand tall in knowing we’re  goddesses like no one else! There are thousands of goddesses out here in this world, but you are the ONLY one who looks like you, sounds like you, and has the spirit that you do.

Here are the 5 things I want you to know about owning your inner goddess!

  1. You do deserve to be a goddess. Even if someone told you that you’re doing something wrong when you decided to tap into your power, THEY ARE WRONG. You deserve to have the power unleashed.

  2. You don’t have to feel guilt and shame about your desire to be free! Your FREEDOM is directly connected to your goddess power. Get free, Goddess!

  3. Owning your goddess will help others own their goddess too! You can inspire others to be GREAT by just being YOU!

  4. Healing comes when you OWN your SHIT! Be a goddess. Own it. Live in it. Heal with your inner power.

Will the REAL GODDESS in you please stand UP? Start here to unlock your goddess power, Mystic Nerd Werk