Behind the Kaya Archetype: Introducing Shakisha


Shakisha is the perfect embodiment of the Kaya archetype. So I was honored when she agreed to let me use her likeness for the image this archetype.

Ever since Shakisha has come into my life she’s been nothing but a blessing. She dances to the beat of her own drum and she’s about her money!

Her commitment to raising the consciousness of those that work with her is beautiful and I’m honored to be able to call her my friend.

Here is Shakisha’s Bio: 

Shakisha is a devoted Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Co-Creator of The Woo Collective; a spiritual development community with a focus on consciousness, shadow work and clair development.  She is also an energy healer specializing in the molecular healing of DNA Activation, through The Woo Collective’s unique version of the modality The Radical Guide DNA Activation Method.  


She believes everyone has the innate knowledge they need to live their dreams out loud.  Fiercely determined to reach and surpass her goals, Shakisha lives to see other’s do the same.  For her, the joy and fun in success are in bringing people on this journey to abundance and freedom with her. 


Ever determined to succeed Shakisha does not see roadblocks only obstacles; her personal tagline is “Dream YOUR dream...then have the audacity to go get it!”


Her spiritual practices are currently focused on reconnecting to the roots of her ancestors, using plants and essential oils for wellness and magick. Shakisha is called to support those who feel entrepreneurship is out of reach for them, create a revenue stream for themselves and improve their overall wellness using essential oils and joining her Young Living Essential Oils team. 


You can find Shakisha and her work over at or contact her via email at 

Shakisha we celebrate you, thank you for bringing your beautiful energy and likeness to the Kaya Archetype.

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