What is a Priestess?

Je Tuan Jones

The title/label of a priestess is one that we are hearing and saying in the spiritual community a lot more often. some people I roll when they hear it because it can seem as if everyone wants the label and it can make it less sacred.  inter people who have been initiated into religious systems and have done the sacred and secret work can take offense to a seemingly an attached person taking on the title.

it makes sense right? When you've worked hard for something, when you sacrifice and dedicated your life or something, someone coming along and wearing the title can feel like a slap in the face.

The label of Priestess has been worn by women all over the world and in different religious systems. Priestesses have been in service to deities, helped plan wars and fought them, healed, danced, and more.

Now in this present time, you will see Priestesses within deeply religious and spiritual frameworks.  These journeys are still alive, well, and valid. With the shift in the collective consciousness, technology, and access to information, most things aren’t so secret anymore.  People are also wanting to be policed less and less.

However, they still want to do potent work and help heal the world.

So the Priestess path can be very attractive.

So what is a Priestess and why is it relevant today?

Webster’s dictionary says “a priestess is a woman who officiates in sacred rites.”

This is a simple definition that misses the essence of what a priestess is. a priestess is a woman who is a vessel for the Divine. Yes, she heals others but her greatest work is healing herself. a modern-day Priestess is rising and she's powerful. She is restoring the divine feminine that patriarchy has suppressed and she realizes that the feminine is not greater than or less than the masculine, but equal to.

She is here to raise the universal consciousness.

does she have gifts and skills? Absolutely. we all do but she consciously cultivates hers. enter if any of this resonates with you and you feel your own inner Priestess Awakening then you won't want to miss a thing.

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