Who Are You?

Je Tuan Jones

Who are you?

Many can’t answer this question.

They will name how many kids they have, talk about their partner, say their work title, and even name personality traits.

One thing that always stuck with me that my Bishop used to say is, “ I may have done what you say I did, but I am not who you say I am.”

This stuck with me always because he drove home the point that we are so much more than this vessel we occupy. We are more than the personality traits we’ve taken on and more than the labels we wear.

So then who are you?

You are a Divine Spark. You are everything housed in flesh. You are source consciousness and so much more. ~ Je Tuan Jones

This is one of the very first lessons we explore in the One Year Divine Spark Priestess Journey.

It’s not enough to know it in theory. This lesson needs to be remembered by your soul.

The carefully curated curriculum, assignments, and discussions will help you to never forget it again.

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