I'm no longer identifying as an entreprenuer....because I hate it.


Can I be candid and say how much I fucking hate entrepreneurship? I FUCKING HATE IT. It depletes my soul. It stifles my creativity and it sucks ass.

There! I said it.


I feel freer.

I’ve been an entreprenuer since I was 23 because my anxiety and depression whipped my ass so bad that holding a full time job has been practically impossible. Plus, I haven’t wanted to do any of that stuff.

A while ago I created a video about Imposter Syndrome. I spoke about how many of us were imposters because we're pretending to be less than what we actually are. So every time we shrink and hide, we feel that pang in our chest. When we try to step p and meet the mark, we still feel it because it still pales in comparison to our actual purpose. 

I got this clarity from Kiam Junio, one of the Divine Spark Academy members and instructors. 

They were really on to something when they said this. 

How often do you temper your dream because what you really want feels unattainable?  You know that you want to be a Hollywood Actress but you settle for small local roles. 

You want to be the owner of a 7 figure business but you keep hopping into MLMs only to be disappointed time after time. 

We aim lower and we play ourselves. We live lives that are less than what we truly desire. 

I watched Paris is Burning, it's a documentary about the Ballroom scene in New York in the mid to late 80s. There were these beautiful drag queens and trans women who had these huge goals and dreams. My heart leaped and I cried as they talked about what they wanted to accomplish because I felt it in my soul. They wanted to be rich and to share the wealth with their chosen families. They wanted to be married, be stars, have children, and be happy. 

I went on a google search to learn more about them. Few accomplished what they wanted and it broke my heart. I cried for most of the morning. They died without their dreams being realized because they lived in a world that kept slamming doors in their faces and that told them they weren't good enough. 

They deserved better than what the world gave them. 

I then felt terrible because yes I have hardship. I'm a black woman who was born in poverty. I'm not neurotypical, I've endured trauma I wouldn't wish on anyone, and more. 

But I know that I can do better and be better. I know there's still more left in me. I owe it to those that have come before me to go for my bliss and to not half-ass my dreams. 

I am a Priestess. 

It is my soul's desire to free others as I continually free myself. 

I've been pretending to be an entrepreneur.  I've been living my life as a business person and none of it has been truly landing for me. I hate sending emails because I don't like the way the world has told me I had to do it. 

I've been an imposter.

And that part of me is coming to an end. 

Trying to do both at the same damn time has been exhausting. Treating my spiritual practice like a capitalistic business has been tearing at my sou.. I could feel myself starting distance myself from it.
I'm not here to push products and services onto you just so that I can get money... I'm here to provide you sacred offerings that will transform you and make your life better. 

Don’t get me wrong, money is great. I still plan on making money but from a space that actually feels good. From a place that allows me to share from the heart.

Priestesses are rising. 

We're here to raise the consciousness of the universe.

Are you one of them?

If you're ready to step into your purpose, you absolutely need to join me in the next round of the  Divine Spark Priestess Academy. We start on July first and the doors close over the weekend. 

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Sending you all the love your consciousness can hold! 

Je Tuan Jones

I have major things in the work and I'm not exaggerating. Stay tuned.