3 Ways to Use Affirmations Successfully


There’s a lot of information out there about affirmations and it’s often debated about if they work or not. I’ve been on both ends of this conversation. I used to get so angry because I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I thought that if I said something, it would happen. I mean, that’s how it works …right?

Just because affirmation work is simple doesn’t mean that there isn’t a method. I’ll be sharing different tips on how to make affirmations work for you. YAY! You get to finally dive into this powerful work without being pissed… (or maybe that was just me.)

When you first start to use positive affirmations in an intentional way, you begin to realize that you can influence your experiences in life by working on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Positive affirmations allow you to manifest your soul's desires by believing that what you want is indeed possible and feeling as if they were already yours. If you wish to change your life and attain everything you desire, here's how you can use positive affirmations to reach that goal.


Know What You Want

When it comes to affirmations, you have to know precisely what you want to live a happier life. Are you hoping to land a better job? Do you want to cultivate more peace? Do you want to be able to purchase a new home? Not only do you have to know what you are asking for, but you have to be mindful of how you're asking for it. Too many times, people will list what they don't want. Unfortunately, when your affirmations focus on what you don't want, your subconscious mind will focus on the negatives of your desires. When I ask a client what they want in a mate, job, and etc…. they start listing all the things they do not want. That’s not how this works because while the universe may not respond by giving you exactly what you don’t want… you WILL end up with NOTHING…because you’ve given them nothing to truly work with.


Know That You Have It

The words you speak aren’t enough to imprint your subconscious with an idea or a vision, but require emotions to be triggered by the words you speak. Your affirmations need to be believable, and you need to consider them possible if you want them to come to fruition. Having negative feelings and emotions will only get in the way when you are trying to receive any positive emotions back. For your affirmations to be effective, you will need to develop techniques that will allow you to overcome these negative emotions.

Affirmations just like magic need your full bodied participation. Just like magic, you shouldn’t try to take huge leaps with your affirmations. It needs to be a goal that feels just out of your reach but you believe you can touch it. Use affirmations as stepping stones to get to your goal instead of huge leaps that feel beyond your scope.

So instead of, “I am a millionaire.”

You could say, “I am open to money making opportunities and I act on them intelligently.”

This makes this goal a stepping stone for you and over time eventually you will say, “I am a millionaire.”


Feel What You Already Have

If you want to be able to generate a positive emotional state, you have to be able to imagine how it will feel to have achieved your goal. The feelings you have about achieving your goal are what needs to be manifested to generate what you are asking for. You need to be able to understand what this feels like and practice incorporating it when asking for what you want because it is the emotions and feelings that you send out into the universe is what you'll get back.

I’ve noticed that I’ve really only needed to hone in on the feeling for that affirmation a couple of times. Then, after that, when I say the affirmation, the feeling comes to me.

This a thought you’re implanting into your psyche and soul so it’s worth taking a few minutes to slow down and create that feeling in your body.

Making sure that you know what you want, knowing what you have, and feeling that you have reached your goal already, will help you create powerful manifestations that will work for you.  

Sending you all the love your consciousness can hold!

Je Tuan Jones

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